Book 2 is done and being edited

Hiya peoples.  I finished book 2 yesterday, and everyone who read it liked it 😉  So far so good for the august release date.

Coming up, I’ll be finishing my other book series, a VR litrpg story that will be available for pre-order on Inkshare called Hero of Naught.  This is for a competition, and the winner gets the full works for being published.  If you like a litrpg where the main character turns agree, but still funny, then this work will interest you 🙂

I’ve also started a community project with some of the readers on RRL.  We are going to casually work out a dungeon game where you can edit your own dungeon, fight adventurers, unlock evolutions, and grow.  I know there are a lot of ‘dungeon making’ games out there, but this one will include the versatility of a digimon game 😉  Naturally, no word on that since it’s a hobby, but look forward to it.

That’s all for now, stay classy people.