Heading to Asheville Convention

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Editing is going good, and it looks like both it and the cover art will be ready for august.

On the more interesting side of things, I’ll be heading up to Asheville, North Carolina the 30th of July and selling my books there.  I have a booth paid for and paperback copies galore.  I’ll also be selling some interesting nic-naks like 3-D printed slimes, a jar of magical glitter, and even some small dungeon crystals of your very own.  I’m very excited and looking forward to this since it’s my first convention.

Naturally, if this venture goes well, I will be signing up for Momocon in Atlanta, Georgia next May, by which I should have 4 books outs.  Maybe even 2017 Dragon-Con?  Dreams and dreams my friends.

So to summarize:

1. Book good for August release

2. Asheville convention with books and cool things

Remember, pokemon go safely out there 🙂