Not quite, but soon

Sorry guys, but the final edition from the editer is not back yet and the cover art is almost done

However, beta readers have quite enjoyed what I have so once the edition is back the e-book will go up immediately.

An idea I’ve been toying with is making a paypal to sell both hard copies and the 3-d slimes.  Would any of you be interested?

Book 2; Almost There

imageHey guys.  Hope summer has been well for all of you.

The Good News: I’m almost done with editing and the cover-art is slightly above halfway done also.  By this schedule, I should hopefully have the book out sometime in the 20’s of August.  Naturally, not what I wanted but I wanted to take at least one vacation this summer.

Once everything is golden, I’ll start with book 3 with an aim for December or January.

The convention went quite well and I had a lot of fun.  Best part was when someone asked to buy a book because I had said I was going to be there.  Lots of good feedback, so maybe I’ll do it again.  Thanks for being a great audience.

Enjoy the teaser