Book 2; Almost There

imageHey guys.  Hope summer has been well for all of you.

The Good News: I’m almost done with editing and the cover-art is slightly above halfway done also.  By this schedule, I should hopefully have the book out sometime in the 20’s of August.  Naturally, not what I wanted but I wanted to take at least one vacation this summer.

Once everything is golden, I’ll start with book 3 with an aim for December or January.

The convention went quite well and I had a lot of fun.  Best part was when someone asked to buy a book because I had said I was going to be there.  Lots of good feedback, so maybe I’ll do it again.  Thanks for being a great audience.

Enjoy the teaser

2 thoughts on “Book 2; Almost There

  1. … I’m jealous. I would love a slime for on my door but I work to much to get away for a trip that far. Thanks for giving a more general date 🙂 I was making myself crazy checking on my kindle every few hrs to check if it was there and getting bummed when it wasn’t… Im a M though so its fine 😀 Looking forward to it so much!


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