It’s submitted and coming out!

Ha ha, everything is good to go.  It’s completely out of my hands now, so look forward to it coming to an amazon near you.



Is it out? Should be sometime today

Don’t expect a morning release, sorry guys.

Good news though, I finished all edits and put togethers.  Just need to format the paragraphs and table of contents.  After that, the system will take a few hours to a day to process, and then it’s out.  When it does pop up, I hope you all enjoy it 👍

Check on Sunday

It’s Tuesday, and I just finished my editor’s corrections.  all 328 pages of them . . .

Now, at the insistence of a friend, said friend is checking for lore errors as my editor is rather old school.  No worry though, he’s really fast and has already sent me 2/3 of the novel to check.  After that, a few add ins and then a general formatting and it’s ready for the e-book stage.  The print version won’t be available for some time, but you guys don’t really buy that so it’s fine.

Once again, check on Sunday to see if the book is up.  I have my first rounds of tests this week, so wish me luck with them and this.

Stay classy