Book 3 Almost Done + etc.

Hi guys, Falcon here.

Well, due to the odd disappearance of the amazon forums, I haven’t really been keeping you guys up to date.  Sorry about that.  I can proudly say that Book 3 has almost been completely done.  What’s left is the last 5-6 chapters, a good title, and the cover art.  The book should be done before January is over, and editing done the first-ish week of February.

Some interesting things that have occurred since the last post:

Book 2 hard-copies finished.

Author interview with Ramon Mejia from Litrpg podcasts on Geekbyte.

Auditions open for Audible audio-book for the first book.

When Book 3 is complete, I’m planning on returning to my other series, Hero of Naught.  Hero of Naught was my first “good” story written and the original draft directly led to the creation of the slime dungeon.  The revised draft has 20 chapters done, so it won’t take too much time to revisit again, finish it up, and add a nice cover-art.  If anyone would like to make the cover-art, let me know.

Hero of Naught is a virtual reality novel.  Most people refer to that type of series these days as “litrpg”, but I can’t help but think of it as vrpg.  It is set in the future following the end of the A.I. and human wars.  I think many of you will like it.

Once it’s done, I’ll write book 4 of the slime dungeon.