Slight Reverse in plans

So, lets’s switch things up

Due to the time requirement due to technical blah blah with charts, I’ve decided to switch the former plan.

Starting today, I’m writing Slime Dungeon Book 4.

I’ll save HofN for summer months when I have more time per chapter.  I’ll likely need to find another editor for it . . .

That’s good news for you guys I guess since I’ll be finishing the first arc of the slime dungeon with book 4.  Some of you guys (more then half of the reviews :p) have complained about the focus on the “outside” characters (though in my defense book 3 is 70% dungeon).

Book 4 finishes this, and without giving you all too many spoilers, will conclude the current setup.  Book 5 will only be dungeon fun.

This ‘conclusion’ will actually allow me to branch out into different series in the far future.  As to how, you’ll see 😉

Look forward to it!

Slime Book 4 and New Series

Hiya peoples, Falcon here.

So, this week I start finishing up my virtual reality story with a hopeful release date end of April beginning of May.  It’s a rewrite of the original story that led to the slime dungeon’s inception.  I hope everyone will enjoy HofN.

I would like to publish slime dungeon book 4 julyish, but that’s very loose of a date.  More likely August.

As most of you figured, book 3 and 4 are meant to tie together into a single arc.  The main reason I did this was that at book 4’s conclusion, the dungeon and people go “their seperate ways” (naturally this could be accomplished in so many ways :p)

Book 4 will not only end the invasion arc, it will begin the first of many dungeon-only plots as Doc  and Claire encounter the scariest thing Claire can think of.  Heh heh, no spoilers (since I could change my mind at any point :p)

eventually, I will also write maybe 1 or 2 separate stories that follows Fiora and her friends, but they’ve played their role.

Book 1 introduced the dungeon

Books 2 and 3 introduced the world

Book 4 introduces Doc’s purpose

Book 5 has …… Huh?  A kobold?  How’d that get out here?  Ack, it’s stealing the pen!  Get back here!  No, not my sandwich!

ill back to you guys later, till then enjoy!