Summer Plans

Hiya peeps, Falcon here

Final exams are almost upon me, so here is some news before I go swimming through words:

  1. Hero of Naught is up for pre-order.  It”ll be released July 1st.
  2. Following this piece of info, Book 4 Slime Dungeon is up to chapter 10 done.  With effort, I’ll have it done before May is done and sent for editing.  No promises, but I’d like to have both finished before fall semester is here.  HofN requires 1-2 weeks of writing and then editing.
  3. Audiobook rights are in negotiation.  Stay tuned.


That’s it for news, now for some housekeeping.  Lots of people are sad about the editing.  Well, that’s sad to hear.  In which case, if any fans out there are capable of professional editing, I invite you to contact me.  I’m very interested in making the stories as professional as possible, so this is important.