Dragon-Con Author Booth

Welcome friends!

This year, your wonderful slime author is hosting the first ever Author Adventurer Booth at Dragon-con! Not only that, but I will be joined by many other famous authors in the professional and indie litrpg community!

You may see:

  • Blaise Corvin
  • Travis Bagwell
  • Ramon of geekbytes
  • James Hunter
  • Luke C
  • Micheal Chatfield
  • Plus many others

What to expect? Well, there will be books, giveaways, misc. merchandise, and a large photo area so you too can experience the thrill of going on an adventurer!


  • Dragon-Con Hall 2, Floor 1, Booth 1222 to the right of the entrance


  • Sept 1. – Sept 4


On behalf of the authors, thank you all! We write for you.