Hi, the name is Falcon and I write stories. Nice to meet you all.

Right now, I’m writing two different stories: Slime Dungeon and Hero of Naught.

Slime Dungeon is a fantasy story where the main character is the dungeon itself. As a living dungeon, he can control the stone and dirt to form a massive underground labyrinth. His magic creates the monsters, traps, and treasures that makeup the various floors and rooms. In order to survive and grow, he must draw in adventurers and feed on their mana to expand his own. As he grows, he unlocks new abilities that allow him to improve the dungeon. The first arc focuses on the growing dungeon and the town that appears outside of it.

Hero of Naught is future VR story taking place in a classic fantasy rpg style game. The main character is a centurion warrior who is trapped in the game due to an “accident”. Having his suspicions over who trapped him, he goes on a quest for vengeance to get back at his enemies. Along the way, he becomes a specter of vengeance within the game and becomes a rallying point for those who are trampled on.





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