The Dungeon’s Child now in audiobook!

Hi adventurers, Dungeon Lord Falcon here. Book 3 of the Slime Dungeon series is now available on Audi0book.


For hose of you waiting for book 4, I’ve entered the editing stage for it. Look forward to seeing it before the year’s end.

The Dungeon’s Town now in Audio-book!

Hi everyone, hope your all having a good week!

I’m pleased today to bring you book 2 of The Slime Dungeon Chronicles on Audio-book. It should be a good tie-over as I finish work on Book 4. Book 3 will come out in Audio-book format next month, and I plan on running a special giveaway at that time.

As always, Enjoy!

Dragon-Con completed

I’m back from Dragon-con, and I had a blast! Not only did I meet a lot of fun and interesting people, I also met a whole slew of wonderful fans!

You guys have no idea how good it feels when someone walks up to me says “I heard you were going to be here and came to meet you”. I honestly almost cried a bit (not because I was lonely or anything at times :p) You guys really are the best!

I learned a lot about being successful at a con too.

  1. Have triple book 1s compared to other books. No one wants just book 2 or 3
  2. Bring book stands and other things to make your area look professional
  3. 1000 business cards is not enough
  4. Getting into panels is the best way to sell books
  5. Have people you trust to watch the booth for bathroom and lunch breaks
  6. Network: lots of important people there
  7. Have a good book pitch (I have mine down pat!)
  8. Booths don’t come with wire walls. Bring your own or something else to mark your property
  9. book hotels way early

All in all, a good time. I’m SUPER pumped now to get back to book 4 slime dungeon and finish it this month. You guys want it, so I need to give it! Then, more Hero of Naught.

I learned a lot from more professional authors. I should start a mailing list and set up a patreon.

Cya guys, and ENJOY!

Dragon-Con Author Booth

Welcome friends!

This year, your wonderful slime author is hosting the first ever Author Adventurer Booth at Dragon-con! Not only that, but I will be joined by many other famous authors in the professional and indie litrpg community!

You may see:

  • Blaise Corvin
  • Travis Bagwell
  • Ramon of geekbytes
  • James Hunter
  • Luke C
  • Micheal Chatfield
  • Plus many others

What to expect? Well, there will be books, giveaways, misc. merchandise, and a large photo area so you too can experience the thrill of going on an adventurer!


  • Dragon-Con Hall 2, Floor 1, Booth 1222 to the right of the entrance


  • Sept 1. – Sept 4


On behalf of the authors, thank you all! We write for you.

Hero of Naught is Out!

Hero of Naught is out on Amazon in its right form!  After the struggle, the book is ready to go.

I also have some wonderful news to share:

Slime Dungeon Books 1-3 are getting audiobook adaptations!  Thanks to wonderful people of TantorMedia, all three are currently in production and hopefully out within the next few months.

Now, I get my small break before resuming Slime Dungeon Book 4 with a goal of before school resumes to get it out.  Thanks for the faith guys, and I hope to bring you to additional worlds in the future!


Jeffrey Falcon Logue

Summer Plans

Hiya peeps, Falcon here

Final exams are almost upon me, so here is some news before I go swimming through words:

  1. Hero of Naught is up for pre-order.  It”ll be released July 1st.
  2. Following this piece of info, Book 4 Slime Dungeon is up to chapter 10 done.  With effort, I’ll have it done before May is done and sent for editing.  No promises, but I’d like to have both finished before fall semester is here.  HofN requires 1-2 weeks of writing and then editing.
  3. Audiobook rights are in negotiation.  Stay tuned.


That’s it for news, now for some housekeeping.  Lots of people are sad about the editing.  Well, that’s sad to hear.  In which case, if any fans out there are capable of professional editing, I invite you to contact me.  I’m very interested in making the stories as professional as possible, so this is important.