Slime in a dangerous time.

Slime EVO water slime animation.

Expanding on the Slime Dungeon Chronicles series, Slime:EVO is a Metroidvania indie game that challenges players to face monstrous dungeons as an adorable, but morally ambiguous slime.

  • Play as an adorable Slime in a dangerous time
  • Explore and conquer four different Metroidvania-inspired dungeons
  • Set your fellow Slimes free and show off your squishy heroics
  • Defeat 4 Master bosses and their minions, using one of seven different types of slimes and their uniquely evolved strengths & abilities
  • Decide what nature of slime you will become: deity, destroyer or both?
  • Your actions affect the world: a rainbow of morality awaits!

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As a morally ambiguous slime, Slime:EVO players will decide whether to slaughter or spare their enemies; and these moral choices will generate dramatically different outcomes in the game.

The game will force players to ask, what kind of slime do you want to be in the world?

Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue is the author of 6 published novels, including the popular Slime Dungeon Chronicles series and Hero of Naught. His first video game Slime:EVO is based off a love of classic Metroidvania games, combined with the monster-based universe of his own novels.

Slime:EVO will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in Spring 2019, with exciting updates, announcements and giveaways at @SlimeEVO.

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